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Brighty Referral Program Guide
Brighty Referral Program Guide
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Effective date: 2024-05-23

Welcome to the Brighty Referral Program!

At Brighty, we're excited to introduce our new Referral Program designed to reward our community for inviting new, active users. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to participate effectively and enjoy the benefits of our program.

You've Been Invited:

Getting Started

  1. Initial Reward: Receive 5 USDT upon meeting the activation conditions.

  2. Activation Conditions:

    • Complete three card purchases using your Brighty card linked to crypto account.

    • Each transaction must be at least 10 EUR.

    • Each transaction must be completed and should not be refunded. While transactions typically process within one day, please note that in some cases, it may take up to seven days to be finalized.

  3. Eligible Transactions:

    • Purchases should consist of regular consumer-related transactions, such as buying groceries, clothing from stores, online purchases, and similar items.

  4. Not Eligible Transactions:

    • Transactions towards other financial services, like funding accounts in other digital banks, quasi cash operations, buying vouchers/gift cards, charity donations or high-risk payments such as to gambling platforms, do not qualify. Few examples of non-eligible merchants (but not limited to) are Allegro, Bonus APP, Mojosoft, SumUp and similar.

  5. Automatic Payment: Rewards are automatically paid out once three qualifying purchases are confirmed. No extra steps are needed. If you haven't received your reward and suspect issues, check if your card is properly linked to the crypto account and confirm the nature of the transactions—they should not just be transfers or balance replenishments in other systems.

  6. Additional Information: Our goal is to encourage an active user community utilizing Brighty for daily transactions. We actively monitor and address any attempts at system abuse. Please note that we reserve the right to suspend your use of the Brighty App Account at any time for security reasons or if we reasonably suspect unauthorized use or involvement in any illegal or illicit activities. You can find more details in our terms and conditions at

For Those Who Invite:

Rewards for Referrals

  1. Initial Reward: Receive 25 USDT upon meeting the activation conditions.

  2. Payment Conditions: Automatically receive a payout for each referred user after they complete three qualifying purchases of at least 10 EUR each.

  3. Referral Cap:

    • You are limited to rewards for up to 12 active referred users.

    • You can invite more than 12 users, but payments to you are only issued for the first 12 active referrals.

    • This model is optimized for smaller community networks, such as friends, family, and colleagues, rather than large groups or influencers.

  4. Opportunities for Large-Scale Influencers:

    • If you have a large audience and can drive significant traffic to our platform, consider joining our affiliate program.

    • This program rewards partners for attracting truly active users to our platform.

    • Interested? Fill out the application form here. If approved, our team will contact you to discuss the terms and sign the agreement.

Additional information: for customers who registered before 2024-05-23 old conditions will be valid - the bonus amount is 20 USDT for both, who invited and who was invited.

Let’s Grow Together! We look forward to seeing our community expand through your active participation. If you have any questions or need more details about the referral or affiliate programs, please reach out. Let's grow together and make the most of what Brighty has to offer!

Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us build a vibrant and secure community.

Note: Please be aware that the terms and conditions of the Referral Program are subject to change at any time without notice. We recommend keeping up to date with the latest information by checking this guide regularly.

Warm regards,

The Brighty Team

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